Here you will find a list of Frequently Asked Questions.

Can you leave the park once you enter?

You may leave and return to the park throughout the day as long as you keep your wristband on.

Can you bring your own life vest into the park?

You may bring your own life vest. No inflatable life vests are allowed, however.

Can you use your own goggles?

Goggles are allowed on the slides however masks that cover the nose are not allowed.

Can I bring alcohol into the park?

Alcohol is not allowed in the park.

Can I bring food into the park?

Yes! You may bring your own food and beverages (No Alcohol) into the park, however, no glass or knives are allowed. For your safety and the safety of our other guests, all bags are checked.

Can I bring my own lounge chairs?

Chairs and lounge chairs are available, however, you may bring your own chair to the park if you so choose.

Do you have First Aid Stations?

We have 2 first aid stations. All injuries MUST be reported to one of the stations. Refer to the Park Map for locations.

Can I bring in water toys or tubes?

You cannot bring in your own tubes or water toys.

Is there a special entrance for a disabled person?

Yes. If you are disabled and need our help, please ask for a manager for assistance. If you do not arrive by vehicle, you may enter the park by the employee entrance. Call 508-295-3255. We will need a 24 hour notice please.

Can you smoke inside the park?

Massachusetts State Law does not allow smoking in the park. Smoking is allowed in our smoking area just outside the park.

Do you page lost children?

We do not page for lost children. We do have a security system for all lost children, however. You are responsible for your child and your child's safety. Please be alert at all times.

If I do not want to go on the rides at the park do I need to pay admission?

Anyone that enters the park must pay admission even if they decide not to go on the rides.

Do you have a Lost and Found?

Yes, the Lost and Found department is located at the back of the park at Davey Jones Lockers and Rentals. Refer to the Park Map for location.

Do you offer Military discounts?

Yes! $2.00 off each admission ticket for each immediate family member with proof of active service.

Is there a slow day where the lines may not be as long as other days?

The best days which are slower than others are Friday through Monday, with Monday usually the slowest.

Is Kosher food available at the park?

Yes! Kosher food is available at Water Wizz.

Is the park Peanut Free?

Sorry, Water Wizz is not Peanut Free.

Do you offer Dairy Free ice cream?

Yes! Captain Cones offers Dairy Free ice cream.

Do Non Profit Agencies get a discount when booking a Group?

Non profits pay regular group rate, sorry no extra discounts.